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Thousands of doctors at practices of all sizes—from new doctors to leading hospitals—use Virtual Field's headset to test patients, make diagnoses, and grow their practice.

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A fully integrated suite of diagnostic products

Comfort First

Test patients at a table or in the exam chair—wherever they feel most comfortable.

Progression Analysis

Track visual field loss over time with our advanced progression analysis software.


Stimuli in the virtual reality headset are presented to each eye independently.

Fast EMR Integration

Reports can be downloaded as a PDF, JPG or DICOM and integrated into any EMR.

Start testing from
any device

Patients from all your devices are stored into one combined database. Moving patients between offices has never been this simple.

Built in-house,
validated independently

Our latest studies showing equivalence to Zeiss’ Humphrey.

Ophthalmology Glaucoma 2022

Home Monitoring of Glaucoma Using a Home Tonometer and a Novel Virtual Reality Visual Field Device: Acceptability and Feasibility

Patients were able to perform these tests proficiently at home, and they were generally enthused to obtain more data about their intraocular health, as it allowed them a heightened sense of security and insight about their chronic disease, as well as a reduction in foreseeable barriers to care.

ARVO 2021

Static automated perimetry using a new head-mounted virtual reality platform, Virtual Field, compared with the Humphrey Field Analyzer in glaucoma and optic nerve disease

Virtual Field is a head-mounted perimeter that produces functionally indistinguishable results to the HFA, offering a low-cost, portable alternative to specialised clinic-based perimetry devices.

ARVO 2021

Comparison of Virtual Reality Visual Field Testing to Humphrey Visual Field Testing in an Academic Ophthalmology Practice

VVF demonstrated no difference in ratio of fixation losses (mean difference -0.08, p=0.45) or number of false negatives (mean difference 2.07%, p=0.05) but had significantly less false positives (mean difference 5.13%, p=0.05). There was no statistically significant difference in the mean deviation of the VVF compared to the HVF (mean difference 4.11, p=0.45).

AAO 2020

The Role of Virtual Reality in Visual Field Testing when Standard Automated Perimetry is Not Available

Based on HAP criteria VRVF has the potential to detect moderate to severe visual field defects with acceptable sensitivity and specificity when standard automated perimetry testing is unavailable or infeasible.

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We spend countless hours making fast vision tests so that your patients are in and out of the exam room in record time.

“I love that Virtual Field is portable, it really works well for us! Our technicians use a laptop to monitor exams and they’re able to move from room to room if needed while an exam is running. The technicians love how easy it is to use, there was almost no learning curve. We’re now only using Virtual Field and no longer use our old, clunky visual field machine. Overall, our patients love this device. The biggest benefit is that they don’t have to lean over anymore!”
Jill Schneider, MD
“Virtual field has been a wonderful adjunct to our practice. The results are superb and equal to Humphrey. The virtual reality machine takes up no space and the instructions are in multiple languages! Special needs patients are easily accommodated.

The free upgrades and replacement, if needed, give so much peace of mind. In addition, the price is so much better than buying a traditional VF machine. I absolutely LOVE this product!!”
Cheryl Powell, MD
“Virtual Field has allowed us to test patients in any available room in our office. We have one specific for our satellite office and love that we can bring the other device to a nursing home or at-home visit. When we had the Humphrey, it was difficult for patients in wheelchairs or those with back and neck flexibility issues. They would often complain about discomfort, but Virtual Field eliminates that discomfort entirely. ”
Dr. Feig, MD


Can I bill insurance?

Can I bill insurance?

Yes, Virtual Field can bill codes 92081 (Superior 36), 92082 (screening) and 92083 (BOLT, full threshold). Test results are always available in your account.

Is your device supported by research?

Is your device supported by research?

Yes, there are several completed and ongoing studies on Virtual Field. Completed studies have been presented at ASCRS and ASRS in 2019 and 2020.

What is your regulatory status?

What is your regulatory status?

Virtual Field is a Class I medical device and is registered and listed with the FDA. We follow all applicable regulatory requirements.

Is an eye patch required?

Is an eye patch required?

No, stimuli are only presented to one eye at a time in the headset, so no eye patch is required and the test is not paused to switch eyes.

How do I correct for refractive error?

How do I correct for refractive error?

Two trial lens adapters are included in each headset that accept standard sphere and cylinder trial lenses.

How is the device cleaned?

How is the device cleaned?

Each headset comes with 50 hygiene covers that stick onto the headset. We also recommend cleaning with alcohol wipes between each use.

What is the BOLT strategy?

What is the BOLT strategy?

BOLT is our proprietary thresholding strategy that decreases the total testing time by 2-4 minutes with industry standard threshold prediction methods.

How does the free trial work?

How does the free trial work?

The first 30 days on your account are free. After that, your card will be billed on a monthly or annual basis depending on your plan. Return your device to cancel.

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