Go Pro with eye tracking

Level up your patient care with the VF3 Pro. RAPD detection with pupillometry, active eye tracking during visual field tests, and more make the VF3 Pro our most advanced device ever.

Use pupillometry for fast RAPD detection

Empower your technicians with tools to screen for Relative Afferent Pupillary Defects in less than one minute with an automated swinging flashlight test.

Fast, automated
optic nerve screening

Automated pupillometry allows you to detect optic nerve abnormalities in under one minute. This patient’s pupillometer has a clear RAPD finding in the right eye that was later confirmed with a visual field test.

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Use eye tracking to go from fast to faster

Reduce your real world exam time

Eye tracking reduces 24-2 exam time by actively monitoring your patient's fixation.

Monitor patients in real time

VF3 Pro displays live video of your patient’s eyes in the technician portal for continuous monitoring.

Seamless progression analysis reports

Your VF3 and VF3 Pro reports are fully compatible in Virtual Field’s advanced progression analysis software suite.

Are you ready to shift into gear?

The VF3 Pro’s hard strap makes it easier than ever to set your patient up for a comfortable exam.

All the features you need

VF3 Pro includes all the same exams as the VF3 and adds active eye tracking and pupillometry.

VF3 Pro
Lifetime warranty
Cancel at any time
Integrated eye tracking
Headset weight
490 grams
620 grams
Free hardware upgrades
Free software updates
Visual field exams
Color vision exams
Stimulus GI-GV
Data export (PDF, JPEG, DICOM)
Progression Analysis
Pupillometry exam
Admin & Security
Analytics & Reporting
256-Bit encryption
24/7 email and text support
Phone support (business hours)

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