The best of both worlds

Test your patients wherever they are most comfortable — whether that’s in the exam chair, or at a table.

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Why a headset stand?

For the patient with the perfect hair

Is your patient a cool kid with the perfect hair-do? Or a geriatric patient who finds the headset too heavy? Our stand is perfect for them both.

For the patient who is nervous

Some patients don’t want to wear a VR headset—we get it. Now they don’t have to. Give your patient the option to define comfort their way.

For your all star technician

Our headset stand can reduce exam setup time by as much as three minutes.

For your ptosis workflow

If your practice runs ptosis exams, the headset stand is a no brainer. Tape and un-tape with ease.

Who benefits from the headset stand:

Patients whose hair does not fit within the straps
Older patients or those with neck injuries
Any technician running ptosis exams

Who benefits from wearing the headset:

Those with limited mobility (bad back, wheelchair bound, etc.)
Patients who like to lean back during the exam
Offices with limited table space

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