Virtual Field's Impact on Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction


Dr. Copeland started her practice, Innovative Eye Care, from scratch 6.5 years ago in a suburban area, primarily serving a healthy patient demographic. Exams used most frequently: 24-2 BOLT, N-30 Screening.

Case study

Implementation of Virtual Field

  • Reasons for Choosing Virtual Field: Dr. Copeland was drawn to Virtual Field for its ease of use and the modern, high-tech appeal it offers to her practice and patients.
  • Integration into Workflow: The Virtual Field device is seamlessly incorporated into the practice’s pretest workup routine alongside auto refractor tests and optos pictures.

Impact on Patient Experience

  • Patient Reception: Patients have reacted positively, often commenting on the "cool" factor of the technology. The headset's audio instructions have proved particularly beneficial, catering effectively to the practice’s significant Spanish-speaking demographic.
  • Accessibility: The technology has been inclusive for patients with mobility issues, who can use the device comfortably in any room.

Clinical Benefits

  • Disease Monitoring and Screening: Dr. Copeland utilizes Virtual Field predominantly for screening all patients aged 16 and older, including monitoring conditions like pituitary adenomas through easy-to-review progression analysis.
  • Data Security and Management: Unlike previous experiences with traditional machines, Virtual Field’s cloud-based system prevents data loss, enhancing reliability in long-term disease monitoring.

Economic Impact

  • Cost-Effectiveness: The return on investment with Virtual Field has been significant. Its lower cost compared to traditional machines, combined with routine screenings, has allowed the practice to quickly recoup expenses.
  • Market Differentiation: The advanced technology of Virtual Field sets Dr. Copeland’s practice apart from others, adding a competitive edge.

Training and Support

  • Onboarding Experience: The training required was minimal, facilitated by an intuitive quick-start guide. The onboarding and training resources provided were found to be extremely helpful, ensuring a smooth integration without the need for frequent troubleshooting.

Overall Satisfaction

  • Feedback: Dr. Copeland describes Virtual Field as "easy to use," "cutting edge," and "efficient."
  • User Experience: There have been no negative experiences reported; the technology works seamlessly within the practice’s operations, largely operating autonomously which minimizes staff intervention.


Summary: Virtual Field has significantly enhanced the patient and provider experience in Dr. Copeland’s practice. It has improved clinical outcomes, streamlined operations, and distinguished the practice in competitive markets.

About Virtual Field

Virtual Field delivers an exceptional eye exam experience. Eye care professionals including ophthalmologists and optometrists examine patients faster, more efficiently, and more comfortably than ever before. Exams include Visual Field, 24-2, Kinetic Visual Field (Goldmann Perimetry), Ptosis, Esterman, Color Vision, Pupillometry, and more.

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