Transforming My Ophthalmology Practice


Dr. Seidman, a medical retina specialist, shares a compelling case study on how Virtual Field transformed her ophthalmology practice. The journey begins with the discovery of Virtual Field and the specific challenges faced by the clinic. Exams used: 24-2 BOLT, 10-2 BOLT.

Case study

Discovery and Challenges:

I came across Virtual Field at the Virtual AAO meeting list of exhibitors and it immediately caught my interest.  My office did not have a visual field at all and I had been looking into options.  As my office is very limited in space, I didn't have room for a bulky machine.  The Virtual Field fits my needs perfectly.  I also liked the fact that I could pay monthly and not have to make a large investment up front.  

Addressing challenges:

The Virtual Field works perfectly in my small office, as I can perform the test in a small dilating room (former closet) I have set up, with a blackout curtain on the doorframe.  I can also administer it in the examination lanes if needed (with lights and monitors turned off).  It's particularly useful for patients with limited mobility, as the test can be brought to them and they do not have to move around the office. 

Achieving outstanding results:

As a medical retina specialist who also practices comprehensive care, I use Virtual Field for many purposes. I am able to monitor glaucoma patients for progression and also am often consulted for hydroxychloroquine screening examinations.  The Virtual Field has excellent 24-2 and 10-2 protocols to meet these needs.  I also occasionally use the Ptosis examination, which has enabled me to obtain insurance prior authorizations for medically necessary blepharoplasties.

Subscription Model:

I recommended Virtual Field to another ophthalmologist who operates across the hall from me at the same ASC, when he mentioned his table top perimeter was malfunctioning and would cost a lot to repair.  He raves about it every time I see him! 

About Virtual Field

Virtual Field delivers an exceptional eye exam experience. Eye care professionals including ophthalmologists and optometrists examine patients faster, more efficiently, and more comfortably than ever before. Exams include Visual Field, 24-2, Kinetic Visual Field (Goldmann Perimetry), Ptosis, Esterman, Color Vision, Pupillometry, and more.

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