Join us in Nashville at Optometry’s Meeting® 2024

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I’m excited to announce that we will be showcasing our latest visual field testing experience at the American Optometric Association’s annual meeting held at Nashville’s Music City Center, from June 19-22, 2024. Since 2018, Virtual Field has pioneered the development and use of virtual reality technology to simplify and enhance visual field testing. Join us at this premier event to explore how our innovations can benefit your practice.

Optometry’s Meeting® is the premier gathering for doctors of optometry, students, and staff, where the latest technologies and advancements in eye care are demonstrated. You can read our news release here.

We will also be hosting our first-ever booth talk on Thursday, June 20th, at 9:15 AM ET. Join us for a discussion on "The Modern Optometry Student," featuring Carissa Fleming, NECO’s AOSA thought leader, and Easy Anyama, a Class of 2024 graduate from the University of Houston. This session will explore topics including technology in education, visual field testing, and the future of optometry.

Our participation at the annual meeting is not just an opportunity to showcase the Virtual Field experience, but also a moment to affirm our commitment to the optometric community. We understand the importance of accurate and accessible visual field testing, and Virtual Field embodies this by combining proven technology, a range of sophisticated tests in one device,  with user-friendly features. By visiting our booth, you can see first-hand how our solutions are crafted to enhance patient experience and streamline practice operations.

I invite all attendees to visit us at booth 1210 to experience our VF3 headset firsthand. Our team is eager to demonstrate how our technology can be seamlessly integrated into your practice, enhancing patient care and optimizing workflow. We look forward to connecting with the vibrant community of optometrists and optometry students who share our passion for innovation in eye care. See you in Nashville!

Warm regards,

Rachel Krug

CEO, Virtual Field

About Virtual Field

Virtual Field delivers an exceptional eye exam experience. Eye care professionals including ophthalmologists and optometrists examine patients faster, more efficiently, and more comfortably than ever before. Exams include Visual Field, 24-2, Kinetic Visual Field (Goldmann Perimetry), Ptosis, Esterman, Color Vision, Pupillometry, and more.

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