A Milestone of Excellence: Virtual Field Achieves Prestigious International Quality Certification

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In the fast-paced world of eye care technology, it's paramount that we not only innovate but also ensure that our innovations adhere to the highest standards of quality. 

I am proud to share that Virtual Field has achieved the Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) certification. Obtaining this internationally renowned certification exemplifies our commitment to quality and excellence. It’s an assurance to providers and patients that our leading eye exam experience meets rigorous international standards, including ISO 13485:2016 and the stringent requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

You can read our news release here.

At Virtual Field, we are on a mission to enable exceptional eye exam experiences for patients, doctors, and technicians. Our virtual visual field testing experience is at the forefront of this mission, offering eye care professionals exams that are both precise and patient-friendly. 

The MDSAP certification underscores our dedication to delivering Virtual Field’s intended functionality with precision and effectiveness, ensuring accuracy and performance. Virtual Field is designed for durability, and is validated to meet customer expectations. Feedback from users is actively incorporated to drive continuous improvement and enhancement.

The journey to achieving MDSAP certification was fueled by a passion for quality that runs through our entire team here at Virtual Field. Every detail, from the software and hardware to the design and user interface, is meticulously crafted to ensure excellence. This attention to detail is what builds trust with our providers and creates remarkable experiences for them and their patients.

As we mark this significant achievement, I want to extend my gratitude to our team, and the eye care professionals that put their trust in us. Your trust and support have been instrumental in our success. The MDSAP certification is not just a mark of compliance but a reflection of our unwavering dedication to innovation and continuous improvement.

Looking ahead, we remain committed to efficiency, innovation, and quality. Our journey continues, and I'm excited about the community we're building together, where technology and eyecare go hand in hand to create better outcomes for all. 

Thank you for being a part of this journey, and I invite you to stay tuned for what's next.

About Virtual Field

Virtual Field delivers an exceptional eye exam experience. Eye care professionals including ophthalmologists and optometrists examine patients faster, more efficiently, and more comfortably than ever before. Exams include Visual Field, 24-2, Kinetic Visual Field (Goldmann Perimetry), Ptosis, Esterman, Color Vision, Pupillometry, and more.

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